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 Vampire Knight & Guilty (AniMaya)

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PostSubject: Vampire Knight & Guilty (AniMaya)   Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:11 am

...I for got I saved some links... xD ;;

Exclamation I take no credit for converting / uploading these Exclamation
Uploader: AniMaya

Season 1 (Ep 10 - 13 is mp4 format, the rest are avi):

Ep1 - megaupload.com 1TK2EWDY
Ep2 - megaupload.com MWJ8KH15
Ep3 - megaupload.com XNBF7QWH
Ep4 - megaupload.com AJLJ0IVL
Ep5 - megaupload.com UFBBVL42
Ep6 - megaupload.com ZFUK1EC0
Ep7 - megaupload.com L0SCGHW4
Ep8 - megaupload.com C9TPBGWQ
Ep9 - N/A
Ep10 - megaupload.com XYG97ZXQ
Ep11 - megaupload.com G8N7MZ9L
Ep12 - megaupload.com MYXP4CO9
Ep 13 - megaupload.com G0UQQDDY

Vampire Knight Guilty (eps 4, 7,12 and13 are mp4 format the rest are avi):

Ep1 - megaupload.com TC0J04X9
Ep2 - megaupload.com 4LDCBHSC
Ep3 - megaupload.com PSFXLW9E
Ep4 - megaupload.com Y2N7HJLW
Ep5 - megaupload.com VT58EU8Q
Ep6 - megaupload.com YTD1DFQA
Ep7 - megaupload.com 0AGJ6IW0
Ep8 - N/A
Ep9 - N/A
Ep10 - megaupload.com 45FFALJT
Ep11 - N/A
Ep12 - megaupload.com B9ESN2U0
Ep13 - megaupload.com ZV4WDRNN

Opening First season (Creditless):
megaupload.com H5FYHKWA
Ending First season(Creditless):
megaupload.com XGP8WEI9

Opening second season(Creditless):
megaupload.com 9HZ6MWVY
Ending second season(Creditless):
megaupload.com 96NQ8NY3
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Vampire Knight & Guilty (AniMaya)
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