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PostSubject: Kobato.   Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:20 am

Anime: Kobato.
Format: MP4 (I'll upload AVI's when I convert, same as the Kuroshitsuji files i'm still working on. XD)
Resolution: 1280x720
Status: Complete.
MP4 - 24/24
AVI - 0/24

01 (mp4): megaupload.com 55XGKTLN
02 (mp4): megaupload.com MUJV64US
03 (mp4): megaupload.com PMXQFCVG
04 (mp4): megaupload.com BM7Y2QD4
05 (mp4): megaupload.com TYUI8W78
06 (mp4): megaupload.com S6CM68ET
07 (mp4): megaupload.com 80Y2PH15
08 (mp4): megaupload.com JNZSZZIW
09 (mp4): megaupload.com 27AXQCS7
10 (mp4): megaupload.com KFKRCVNF
11 (mp4): megaupload.com NHIGN8KT
12 (mp4): megaupload.com Y5IKXUXS
13 (mp4): megaupload.com KCYXNUP8
14 (mp4): megaupload.com FOC0UYFZ
15 (mp4): megaupload.com 6YE2NACA
16 (mp4): megaupload.com WLYVSAEG
17 (mp4): megaupload.com OECZGHNR
18 (mp4): megaupload.com 66OLHW7U
19 (mp4): megaupload.com KF5XLJ40
20 (mp4): megaupload.com HNHY196C
21 (mp4): megaupload.com KCI9XA30
22 (mp4): megaupload.com HEIVBUIU
23 (mp4): megaupload.com TFN2C6WW
24 (mp4): megaupload.com 7XI7FKHW
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