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 Kuroshitsuji 2

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PostSubject: Kuroshitsuji 2   Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:18 pm

This is the subbed version. With all due respect, I don't know if I'll be able update this "daily". I might forget sometimes. So, for those who are impatient like me and love to download the raw first, all these links, I've found on a livejournal community.

-- Subbed

Episode 1
megaupload.com RF8MEUNY
megaupload.com AIFUWQ5B

Episode 2
megaupload.com 8W7HUHZ0
megaupload.com CHV9SRGB

Episode 3
megaupload.com CY3TOELT
megaupload.com Y97W9GO6

Episode 4
megaupload.com H8H41MPO

Episode 5
megaupload.com YTBOYUMO
megaupload.com 3TNUA3EB

Episode 6
megaupload.com BM4YHHQA
megaupload.com 46NPUHAC

Episode 7
megaupload.com 2SDPHGB0 (MKV)
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Kuroshitsuji 2
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