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 3 Month Break

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PostSubject: 3 Month Break   Thu May 03, 2012 11:09 pm

After I get The Bird & The Worm MEP up, I'll be taking a 3 month break from running the studio. I'm entering my two months of exams, which are enough stress as it is, and I'll be gone most of July. However, this doesn't mean the studio will be on hiatus with me. I'd really like for you guys to start up another MEP without me. It doesn't necessarily have to be hosted by Kero either -- if you have an idea that lots of people agree with, don't be afraid to start it up and put it together. You'll only have to send it to Kero or I to upload when it's done (though if it's in July, 100% it has to be sent to Kero xD;; ).

Good luck, and I hope I can come back to see something in the works.
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3 Month Break
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